Humanitarian Asylum

We are researching methods to expedite relief for families in South Africa through Humanitarian Visas.

The program is an earnest attempt to expedite relief to persons in fear of their personal safety, and families that have been displaced because of economic discrimination.

What is Humanitarian Asylum?

Asylum is granted when a country offers protection, to a person in response to persecution, serious harm, armed conflict or other situations of violence. Asylum therefore has an inherently peaceful, civilian and humanitarian character. 

Who can apply

There are two types of situations in which a person can be granted asylum:

1) when a person has suffered severe past persecution, or

2) if a person has a reasonable fear of other serious harm upon returning to his or her home country.

Unlike other asylum claims, humanitarian asylum is not dependent on governmental persecution relating to race, religion, nationality, political opinions, or membership in a particular social group. Serious harm can relate to civil war, extreme economic hardship, or severity of harm equal to persecution.

How we can assist

An immigration judge determines whether to grant asylum based on the above factors, and we can help prepare and provide the material to support these claims.

In addition, we are embarking on an extensive outreach, to faith based communities, as well as social and humanitarian agencies, that may support participants of our program, before during and after emigration.

We are hoping in the near future to extend the program through a multinational network of skilled humanitarian attorneys, in countries such as Namibia, Canada, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand, that are traditionally sympathetic to Asylum Seekers from South Africa.

Who should apply?

Circumstances vary from family to family.

If you are unsure of whether your personal circumstances will improve, we advise that you begin the application process now.

You can always decide not to exercise the rights granted, should circumstances improve.

When should you apply?

Applying for Asylum can be a lengthy process and for most individuals, preparing the evidence will be a costly exercise with no guarantee of success.

Why try this on your own if there are better alternatives?

We believe, individual applications are unlikely to succeed.

Our mandate allow us to undertake group representation.

After an audit by our humanitarian asylum attorneys, your application will be grouped with similar applicants by country of choice, severity of risk and economic circumstances, thereby dramatically improving a favourable ruling, by the hearing judge of the host country.

In addition the costs can be divided between the members of the group and recovered over time.

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