Save Lives Today

Save Lives Today

Welcome – There is something unique about this page.


Because with very little effort, you can make the world a better place.

Do you know of a single genocide that was prevented in time?

What does history teach us about Genocide?

Genocide is only identified after the fact NEVER before – not even by experts.

If the crime rate and murders continue, which minority group is most at risk?

What phrase describes this crisis better than “systematic genocide”?

Thousands of families are seeking refuge and a better future abroad every year, why?

Why is this the only crime in South Africa that is actively encouraged by politicians? – Click here to watch video

But what about those left behind?

Nobody is coming to save us – we need to rescue ourselves!

Do you really want to continue to live in fear and being terrorised?

What makes the most sense to you – keeping quiet and hope for the best or doing something that can change the situation?

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