Volunteer Today

Volunteer Today

Help fight the only crime in South Africa that is actively encouraged by politicians – Click here to watch video

Volunteer an hour of your time per day, per week or per month.

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If your skill is not listed please contact us, to learn more.

Why Volunteer

We do not know of a single case in history, where Genocide was identified and prevented in time and before it happened.

The history of Genocide teaches that humanitarian organisations, even churches and the so called experts, all react after the fact.

And only recognise these atrocities for what they are, once it is hopelessly too late for the victims.

In South Africa ordinary families are enduring great suffering, targeted by hate crime and economic discrimination, encouraged by the political leaders with hostile ideologies, that lead to large scale hardship and involuntary displacement of innocent people.

Despite a mountain of evidence – main stream media simply do not care to report the truth or the facts.

With your support we can gather the facts, compile crucial statistics that will mitigate the loss of life and needless suffering.